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Kitchen rentals

Raksa Catering is divided into two main sectors: Kitchen Rental serves as an institutional catering unit, and Street Kitchen serves as a mobile kitchen which is easy to transport. The content - facilities, machinery, equipment, personnel and utensils - of both sectors can be customised to match the customer's needs.

We deliver all products and services in all parts of Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries.

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The Rent-A-Kitchen concept means a flexible and high-quality one-stop service, where the customer is delivered exactly the kind of production facility and services that are needed. The concept intends to guarantee to the customers a catering service conforming to the relevant needs, appropriate production facilities as well as professional skills in all stages of the concept.

The concept covers all available kitchen models. By renting a kitchen, you can guarantee uninterrupted catering service for needs of all sizes, regardless of the location. Rented facilities are a convenient way to provide a kitchen close to the customers, to replace a kitchen temporarily for the construction period.

Our typical customers include work sites of construction companies, and power plants, schools, hotels and hospitals. Rental kitchens are also a good solution when you need temporary additional capacity during a peak season.

Delivery of kitchens

The kitchens are delivered on a turnkey basis, ready for use. The customer can also install the kitchens or have them installed in accordance with our instructions.

Elements included in the concept:

  • food preparation trailers
  • food preparation barracks
  • food containers
  • frreezer containers and trailers
  • refrigerated containers and trailers
  • tableware, cutlery
  • marquees, canopiens, pavilions
  • canteen barracks, tables, chairs and furniture

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