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Raksa Catering

The table is set; our concept brings the kitchen and staff to the customer

Our business is based on two crucial cornerstones: renting and selling of kitchens which we have built ourselves, and worksite catering business. For our customers, this approach offers a wide range of food preparation kitchen and distribution kitchen solutions and an easy way to organise uninterrupted food supply wherever it is needed.

The one-stop principle enables quick response to the customer's needs and an effortless process from order to delivery. Our customers will always get a serviced, first-class kitchen solution equipped for professional use, with or without kitchen staff. We arrange the transfer and transport of the facility modules and their installation and disassembly in a timely fashion and in accordance with the contract in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. We are close to the customer.

When site catering is arranged within the work site, the workers have more time to enjoy their lunch and coffee breaks. No time needs to be spent on transfers to restaurants outside the construction site. Our business idea is that the customer attains significant cost savings in working hours, when the workers can have their meals within the construction site.

The kitchen products can be equipped with the necessary equipment and personnel, and our products can be tailored to meet the customer's needs. Our kitchen staff specialised in site catering is accustomed to service in large units, and they are thoroughly familiar with all our kitchen solutions.

Temporary rental of the kitchen releases you from any maintenance and repair needs over the entire contract period.

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